Get Ready for Your Next Test Drive!

A test drive is an important part of buying a car. If you want to enjoy a smooth and pleasant driving experience in Lexington, NC, then the only way to absolutely guarantee that that would happen is by visiting our dealership, taking a test drive, and confirming for yourself that you are buying the car that matches your needs.

What Should You Know Before Your Next Test-drive?

Just because a car looks good on a website or in a magazine, doesn't mean that it actually will be a suitable match for you when you drive it. A test drive helps you clear any doubts in your mind about a potential vehicle before you actually invest in it.

Research Is Essential

Before you drive down to your dealership of choice, make a list of all the cars that catch your attention. Ideally, you should pick more than one car, so you can compare them during the test drives. If you have a trim level you are interested in, all the better! Once you know which vehicle/vehicles you want to test-drive, call the dealership ahead of time to reduce waiting time on the actual day. If you want to test drive a Chevrolet, for example, call your nearest Chevrolet dealer and let them know that you intend to visit them for test drives.

Bring A Companion

This will help you get a second opinion on your vehicle, as the salesperson is likely to push the car that they feel is right for you. This may not actually meet your requirements, so a second opinion is always a great idea.

Bring Your Own Paperwork

You should bring photocopies of your driver's license, as well as insurance proof, on the day of your test drive. Your dealership of choice, such as a Chevrolet dealership will need to hold on to these documents while you are test driving the car, and providing them with photocopies alleviates any tension related to handing over your actual documents, even if it's for a limited period of time.

Make A Checklist On What You Want From Your Car

This can include everything from a preferable infotainment system, engine and horsepower, to safety and driver assistance features. Whether you are buying used Chevrolets in NJ or new Chevrolets in NJ, for example, not all makes and models will have the same features. A checklist allows both you and your salesperson to find the right car and trim level quickly.

Drive On Different Kinds Of Roads

Aside from checking whether getting into the car is comfortable, whether the steering wheel is easy to maneuver, whether the brakes and acceleration are suitable for you, and whether the car has good all-around visibility or not, ensure that you drive the car on more than just smooth roads. Drive around corners, check how well you can maneuver turns with it, drive it over a bumper, and drive on different kinds of roads to see if it works well for you.

If you live in Lexington, Arbor Acres, Pinecrest, or Wescliffe, and want to test drive a used Chevrolet or a new Chevrolet, then visit our Capital Chevrolet of Lexington dealership in Lexington, NC.