Chevrolet Standard Technology Features

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Founded 109 years ago, Chevrolet has always been an iconic player in the automotive industry. Chevy, as it is fondly referred to, has always strived to create vehicles that are elegant yet powerful. A deadly mix that becomes even more powerful due to Chevrolet’s effective use of technology to make the perfect vehicle for you.

Chevrolet employs state of the art technology to construct its navigation and infotainment systems. It also uses its technological advances to ensure your safety as you drive your Chevy. The following sections look at some of the standard technology features incorporated by Chevrolet in their models.

Safety Technology

Your safety a primary concern at Chevrolet. That is why a number of fantastic safety features are now standard in most Chevrolet vehicles. Every Chevrolet comes equipped with pedestrian detection sensors that automatically apply the brakes to avoid any mishaps. These sensors also detect cars upfront. If it perceives an imminent crash, it will deploy the brakes to minimize collision damage or prevent it altogether.

A front-facing camera undertakes cruise control and ensures you maintain optimal distance from the vehicle in front. Another camera at the back of the car lets you know of the presence of another automobile or stationary object so that you do not hit anything while backing up.

Other sensors assist you in changing lanes by actively scanning your blind spots to alert you to any oncoming vehicle. It also helps you keep in your path and detects any lane drifting that might occur while driving. All in all, these safety-centered technologies assist you greatly while driving and ensure you are always alert to your surroundings.

Infotainment Technology

Chevrolet in-vehicle technology lets you stay connected hassle-free even while driving. It contains Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ that connect directly to your smartphone. You can access all your phone apps without lifting your phone. An easy to use navigation system tells you road and traffic conditions upfront to maximize convenience and safety.

Every Chevrolet vehicle has advanced technology seamlessly woven into it to make your drive a safe and memorable experience.

Source: Chevrolet