Inspecting a Used Car: A Used Car Buying Guide

More and more people are turning to used cars as a way to avail cheaper yet quality vehicles that give good mileage. If you are looking for a used car in Lexington, NC, then you will first have to make a list that details everything you are looking for in a car, before you visit car dealerships in Lexington, NC that sell used cars. 

What should you look for when inspecting a used car?

Used cars from authorized car dealerships in Lexington, NC, will usually provide quality vehicles that perform well and give you mileage. However, inspecting your car for any potential damage, irrespective of whether you purchase it from a car dealership or a garage, will immediately solve any issues your used car may have, and take away the burden of having to get an existing problem fixed. 

When purchasing a used car in Lexington NC, look for:

  • Check for paint difference anywhere in the car. No two shades should look visibly different to you under bright sunlight. Cars from professional manufacturers are painted over with multiple coats, and this leaves behind a uniform finish. If you find that the color of your car's left front door is different from the side, this could indicate it was recently painted over, and the job was not done well. 
  • Checking for rust is crucial as well. You should ensure that no part of the car has any rust, and this includes the oft-overlooked underbody of the vehicle. Check your car's wheels, check under the hood and check everywhere, using a flashlight for the hidden nooks to ensure that the car was properly serviced and there is no rust on the vehicle. 
  • When you are purchasing a used car, you don't want one that already has very high mileage or one that has gotten into accidents. This is why cars with fewer modifications reflect better overall maintenance and is a better option for used car buyers. 
  • Check and ensure that all the car's liquids are leveled before you purchase - these include the engine oil, the coolant fluid, the brake fluid, and more. 
  • And before you are done, remember to check all the electrical equipment in your car. You should use a USB or a CD to check how the music system is working. Also, check how the air conditioner is working, whether the air filters are doing their job, etc. 

If you are looking to buy a used car, drop down to the Capital Chevrolet of Lexington dealership, which serves Lexington, NC, as well as nearby cities of Arbor Acres, Wescliff, and Pinecrest. 

Source: Chevrolet